Here are a few recordings of tunes AWPD is playing. These are really only as a guide and most have been recorded off the cuff as it were to provide assistance to learners.

Here is a link to the piobaireachd competition performance from Jakarta 2015. It was about 33C, 95% humidity - I don't think the original writers of this music expected it to be performed under these conditions. Took the 2nd placing with this and was quite happy with the performance:

My thanks to Andrew Lu for the recording.

Captain Colin Campbell and The High Road to Linton.m4a ā€” Recorded from Samsung Galaxy S7 on the studio pipes

MacNeils of Ugadalr and Ishabel T MacDonald.m4a ā€” Also recorded on the S7 and played on studio pipes. Some timing variation as I was trying to spit out a fly.