Zen is about standing back, letting go - and getting in touch with the peace and wisdom that lies within us all.

What peace is there in playing the bagpipes? I believe there is much peace to be found in them - they are an instrument that requires enormous attention to play well - physical attention, emotional attention and concentration. When all these things are in alignment, there is a peacefulness of mind to be found. So much is happening, all in synchronicity that there is no room idle thought, or the random nattering ones mind - there is just the music, the instrument and the person in fusion.

When playing the bagpipes, either in a band or solo, competition or for the entertainment of a crowd standing back, letting go and finding peace is a recipe for good tone, relaxed playing and an enjoyable time. This is what I hope to explore with this site. Thinking about it and exploring it isn't enough though. There is a Zen saying that I think applies here:

Zen mind is not Zen mind. That is, if you are attached to Zen mind, then you have a problem, and your way is very narrow. Throwing away Zen mind is correct Zen mind. Only keep the question, "What is the best way of helping other people?" - Seung Sahn.

So I'm here to help, by relating my experiences and ideas, and if needed - playing for you :-)

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