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Bagpipes in Albury/Wodonga - Weddings, Parties, Funerals - Piper for Hire

If you are looking to have a piper at an engagement I am available for weddings, parties, and miscellaneous.

I've been playing at these types of engagements since 1991, first with Scots School Albury Pipe Band, and Albury Wodonga Pipes and Drums, and then from 1996 to 2004 with Illawarra Pipe Band. From 2004 onwards I've been back with Albury Wodonga Pipes and Drums. I have played at hundreds of weddings and funerals and for the past 5 years I've played the Lament at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the Monument in Albury. If you are looking for a bagpiper in the Albury/Wodonga region look no further.

I play a variety of well known and loved tunes like Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave and Flower of Scotland. I also play a range of reels, jigs and hornpipes to lift the toes off the carpet and get the heart beating. If I don't know a tune but you have the music I'm prepared to spend the time to learn it prior to your engagement with appropriate notice.

As a current competing piper in both bands and solo, and the Pipe Major of Albury-Wodonga Pipes and Drums - I can assure you a well tuned and played instrument.

If needed I can also procure the services of a snare drummer or additional pipers to help make your event a success - with their charges added to mine.

I am located in the Albury region and I'm happy to travel if you're happy to pay for it. I usually perform in either the Hunting Stewart tartan Kilt or the Black Watch. Both are dark green, however if a red kilt would better set off your photos please let me know and I can procure one.

In a new and exciting addition to the repertoire I will soon have Studio Pipes available to play at your engagement. They are much quieter and are played in a seated position. You might like them in a smaller and more intimate engagement!


For an engagement of 30 minutes (the minimum time): $100 (this includes my prep time and usually pre-engagement planning).

After the initial 30 minutes, the rate is $50 / 30 minutes, and I generally charge to the half hour.

Travel: $50 / hour

Examples of what a piper does at an engagement


  • Play the bride and/or Groom in (usually the bride)

  • Play during the signing of the register

  • Play during the reception


  • Play the cake in

  • Simply play for the enjoyment of the birthday boy / girl (or group)

As always I intend to behave with the utmost civility and delicacy at any engagement I play at.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact me or fill in the form below:

Angus Beath

By Phone: 0431138529

By Email: abeath@zenpiper.com