Welcome to Zen Piper.

My name is Angus Beath and I've been a piper since 1990. During that time I have competed at the National Championships many times, the New Zealand and South East Asian Championships with varying degrees of success. Throughout all I have been committed to improving my playing and those around me. I have been the Pipe Major of Albury Wodonga Pipes and Drums since 2008 and led the band in various Tattoos and performances during that time. 

In my solo career I have competed successfully and I have performed at hundreds of solo engagements - weddings, funerals, parties and now (as of 2019) my first ever Hen's Night. (That's a story in and of itself). During these many engagements I have learned much about myself and my craft, and through piping found Zen.

Zen is about standing back, letting go - and getting in touch with the peace and wisdom that lies within us all - a lesson I have learned time and again as a piper. 

The bagpipes are an unforgiving instrument. But with the right circumstances and mindset there is a peacefulness of mind to be found. So much is happening - all in synchronicity - that there is no room idle thought, or the random nattering of one's mind - there is just the music, the instrument and the person in fusion.

When playing the bagpipes, either in a band or solo, competition or for the entertainment of a crowd standing back, letting go and finding peace is a recipe for good tone, relaxed playing and an enjoyable time. This is what I hope to explore with this site. Thinking about it and exploring it isn't enough though. There is a Zen saying that applies here:

Zen mind is not Zen mind. That is, if you are attached to Zen mind, then you have a problem, and your way is very narrow. Throwing away Zen mind is correct Zen mind. Only keep the question, "What is the best way of helping other people?" - Seung Sahn.

Yours Truly at Lake Crackenback 2015 (the tartan on the kilt is The Black Watch)

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